Following Her Paint Brush

Colourful and vibrant yet extremely delicate, Mithila art is primarily done by women living in small rural communities in the state of Bihar in eastern India. Writer Abhishek Choudhary recently visited this area, and spoke to Dulari Devi about her extraordinary journey from domestic helper to celebrated folk artist.

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Nothing is Impossible

Tara Books and the making of a book by hand

From her studio Minus 9 Design, Rathna Ramanathan has worked with Tara Books on projects over the last sixteen years. Here, she reflects on her experiences of collaborating with Tara Books in the context of sustainable modes of design and production, and alternative models of publishing.

Sustainable graphic design and print production

Jason McLennan in The Philosophy of Sustainable Design summarizes sustainable design as the redefining of how things – objects, buildings etc. – are designed, made and operated to be more responsible to the environment and responsive to people.

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An Ocean of Art: The Bologna Illustrators’ Annual 2013

In January, Tara publisher Gita Wolf was invited to be part of the jury to select entries for the prestigious Bologna Illustrators’ Annual for 2013. The selected illustrators were announced at the Bologna Book Fair last month, and their work was displayed at the fair. Here she writes about the experience and reflects upon how she and her fellow judges made their decisions.

Gita and her fellow judges discuss the criteria for their selection

Gita and her fellow judges discuss the criteria for their selection

“If seven maids with seven mops
Swept it for half a year,
Do you suppose,” the Walrus said,
“That they could get it clear?”
“I doubt it,” said the Carpenter,
And shed a bitter tear.

Lewis Carroll, The Walrus and The Carpenter

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Indian Publishing: Profiting by Managing a Propensity for Chaos

Tara Books editor and documentary film maker Arun Wolf tackles the thriving, yet confounding publishing industry in India. Encompassing over 120 languages and around 19,000 publishers, it’s a market that is vast, diverse and often difficult. But Indian publishers are innovative in their response to the challenges posed by distribution and the digital revolution.

A Bookseller on College Street, Kolkata

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The Korean Connection

Reflecting on our blossoming relationship with Korea

“For me, Tara Books is a publisher which has a strong identity. And this identity lies on the border between not only what is local and what is universal, but also what is traditional and what is contemporary. Their approach to the book is something between the view of the publisher and that of the artist/artisan, so an ordinary reader can have an artistic book without paying a high cost.”

Some of our titles published in Korean

 So read an email that popped into our inbox recently, from G Colon – a design magazine based in Korea. While the email made for pleasant reading, it wasn’t as surprising as you might imagine. From visits to rights sales, media coverage to awards – the last twelve months has been something of a Korean themed year for us here at Tara Books. It began with our founder Gita Wolf being invited to Seoul by the Korean Publishers’ Society, and has culminated with an even more significant milestone: our first handmade title being published in Korean.

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