Drawing from the City
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Drawing from the City

Artist & Author: Tejubehan
Pages: 32pp; Size: 240 x 360m; Hardcover: Screen-printed

‘Take me to the city,’ the young girl whispers to the train, as it passes her dusty village.

Her name is Teju. She is now a middle aged woman, and in this book, she has narrated her incredible journey from endemic poverty into the rich inner world of art, in her self-taught style of lines and dots.

Page after page of sumptuous art is witness to a woman’s life, caught between endemic poverty and a rich imaginative inner world. Drawing from the City reflects upon hardship while also celebrating the remarkable story of a spirited woman.

Drawing from the City is silkscreen printed by hand, and hand-bound.

You can read more about the story behind this book here.

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