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From a smiling crocodile to an elegant swan… water creatures as imagined by Rambharos Jha, a contemporary artist working in the ancient Mithila folk art tradition. Mithila art originated from women in rural communities in the state of Bihar, in eastern India. These women decorate the floors and walls of their homes with strong, traditional designs and symbols, many of which draw inspiration from the creatures of the Ganga river.

The art used for the cards was originally drawn for the bestselling book Waterlife. Each card has been screen-printed by hand at Tara Books’ sustainable print workshop in Chennai, South India, which employs, trains and nurtures young bookmaking artisans.

Proceeds from the sale of each pack are shared between the artists and the artisans involved in creating the cards.

The Artist

Rambharos Jha was taught how to paint by women of the Mithila community. He spent much of his childhood by the Ganga River, fishing and observing life in its waters. Part of a new generation of artists working within this tradition, he manages to evoke the rich heritage of Mithila art, while simultaneously nudging it in new directions.

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