KNOCK! KNOCK! – A child’s quest turns into a wonderful adventure that literally unfolds, step by step, into a building full of life. Knock! Knock! is book architecture at its inspired best.

CREATION – Gond master Bhajju Shyam brings together myths of origins, transformation and ending in ten stunning and sequential images in this sumptuous handmade book.

BETWEEN MEMORY AND MUSEUM – A radical, visual perspective on museum studies — where the gaze is reversed, and the museum’s subjects reflect on the institution.

I LIKE CATS – A gallery of irresistible feline characters from some of the best-known tribal and folk artists of India.

8 WAYS TO DRAW AN ELEPHANT – A happy introduction of eight different Indian folk and indigenous art styles to children.

THE BOY WHO SPEAKS IN NUMBERS – A brilliant, poignant and darkly humorous fable about children in wartime, set in a Sri Lankan refugee camp.


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